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What would you like to pass on to the world?

Mother Lighthouse

Film inspires us

In 2022 The Animation Workshop/VIA UC + Lommefilm hosted a film summer camp for young people and their teachers from The Faroe Islands, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia. Also five greenlandic learning consultants participated in courses in Denmark and brought back inspiration to young people in Greenland

At the camp the participants learned to use the film language as a tool to communicate and act on important sustainability issues. For that purpose we created a film framework, that the young participants could build upon.

Go ahead and watch Mother Lighthouse

Alone and amidst the stormy weather, Mother Lighthouse is engaged in the task of cutting out and folding butterflies. These creative and delicate creations are about to be relased into the world to be adorned with vibrant colors and to serve as inspiration for those they encounter along their journey through nature and society.


Step 1

You will start by watching the poetic animated film featuring Mama Lighthouse, who, from her stormy home at sea, folds butterflies that she sends out into the world to pollinate and take color from its surroundings. As the film progresses, there will be a 15-second pause, during which the question will be posed: What would you like to pass on to the world? And that is the task and question the participating students will answer by making their own 15 seconds film.

Step 2

Divide the students into smaller groups. And then let the students fold their own butterfly. While folding the butterflies let the students talk about what they would like to pass on to the world. It could be a piece of good advice, a place they would like others to see or a great philosophical question. Whatever they would like to pass on - it must be written down in one or two sentences.

Step 3

With a great sentence and a folded butterfly, it is time to go make a short film. The film has to be exactly 15 second. The first clip and the last clip of the film is decided for the students. The first clip is two hands receiving the white butterfly. The last clip is the two same hands sending away the now colored butterfly.
The clips in between is up to the students to decide. It can be made from the butterflys POV. It can be made in stop motion. Or in one long clip. Just make sure that there is a connection between the sentence the students made - and what is going on in the short film.

Step 4

In editing make sure the film last exactly 15 seconds. When done editing the clips add the sentence in a voice over. In the end turn down the volume on all clips. Now add the piece of film so it fits the black pause in the Mother Lighthouse film.