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Imagination creates reality

Turn your hopes and dreams into film

Film inspires us

Since the beginning of mankind one of the basic forces that drives us as human beings, is the imagination. The ability to hope and dream. And to turn those hopes and dreams into reality.Now it is your turn to tell about your hopes and dreams by making a film. Your inspirational starting point is the animation film New People, who tells the old tale of the greenlandic shaman Kridtlarssuarks spirit journey.

Go ahead and watch New People

The greenlandic shamen Kridtlarssuark longs for new land and for new people. A spirit journey - a journey of his mind - helps Kridtlarssuark to embark on the real journey. A dangerous journey thats makes him doubt. But revisiting his spirit journey helps Kridtlarssuark to move on.


The spirit journey

The first step towards making a film about your hopes and dreams is to go on your own spirit journey. A spirit journey is when you allow yourself to travel in your mind. On a spirit journey your soul and your mind is free to imagine everything! On a spirit journey you can explore new ways of living, new ways of acting in your everyday life, and you can explore new places and people.

Sit back, close your eyes and let your mind free. When you are back from your spirit journey fill in the five questions in the voice over paper. Your answers will play a big part in your film as the narrating voice that tells the viewer about your dreams, your journey and the obstacles you meet on your way.


After the voice over its time to start planning your film by filling in the storyboard. Some of the shots are already decided for you. Others you have to plan.

The start is were we meet you. Here the shots are already decided for you.

The middle is were you take action. And were you decide the clips. Plan clips were you use different techniques and camera movement to tell the story. Go for:

  • Creative angels - using the camera to engage your viewer in an creative and fun way
Reaction shots - close ups of faces showing emotions 

  • Clip on action - one movement filmed from two different positions 

The end is were you meet resistance but overcome it. Also here the shoots are already decided for you.

On set

Location is key. And the places you record adds to the storytelling. So spend time finding the right landscapes and surroundings. The person operating the camera should have steady hands to make great recordings - and needs to sure that most clips are close ups. Follow the storyboard shot by shot. Also be critical. Keep approving and redo your shots until you are completely satisfied with how it looks.


In the editing is were it all comes together. Follow your storyboard as a recipe for your editing. Start by adding your film clips in the right order and then trim them. Then add the title sign (My spirit journey) and the end sign (Imagination creates reality). Turn off the volume on your film clips as you don’t need that sound in most cases.

Now add the voice over in five parts. And as the last thing add the two parts of music. Finally adjust clips and sound levels. It is important that your narrating voice can be easily heard over the music.