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The idea behind

New People Project

Film make us work together

The New People Project is a collaboration between The Animation Workshop and Lommefilm. Both located in Denmark and both with more then 10 years of experience with producing, communicating and teaching film for children and young people.
The New People project wants to encourage all to dream big and use the film and the film language to reach those dreams.
You as a teacher, a student or just an eager filmmaker can start right here and use our guide to get going. But we would also like to work together with you creating local and global projects involving young people from all parts of the world.

The idea behind

In the midst of the corona pandemic and the global lockdown an idea occurred. The Animation Workshop had just made the fantastic animation film New People. A film telling the legend of Kridtlarssuark who longs for new land and for new people. And who is driven by curiosity, hopes and dreams but also faces doubt and obstacles on his way.

In other words - an ancient old tale we all can relate to. Especially in times of trouble. So The Animation Workshop and Lommefilm had the idea of using the New People film as an inspirational starting point for boosting children and young peoples ability to turn imagination into reality by using the film language.

Current projects

In the autumn of 2021 educators from The New People project will travel to schools in Denmark, The Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and Estonia hosting one day workshops for more then 200 students. Besides producing their own films, four students from each of the participating schools will take part of a film masterclass. Here they will learn how to see, rate and select films for a program, that will be shown for all the participating students. The film program will headline the best short films and animation films on the subject of sustainability and green transition.

The project is supported by The Nordic Council of Ministers.