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About FLY

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FLY is a collaboration between The Animation Workshop/VIA UC and the production company Lommefilm. Both located in Denmark and both with more than 15 years of experience with producing, communicating and teaching film for children and young people. With FLY we wants to encourage all to dream big and use the film and the film language to reach those dreams. Together we run the international FLY network. Through the FLY network and different projects we share knowledge about how children in schools can strengthen their film literacy skills and their imagination, while producing and experiencing film and animation as part of the different subjects in school. We export and share our knowledge and experience through courses, talks, seminars, joined projects and our pedagogical diploma in applied film.  


With FLY we have launched an international community for teachers, pedagogues, researchers and film-professionals within film literacy in education. Through various projects we collaborate with schools, universities and film-institutions all over the world.

The New People project and The Mama Lighthouse project was developed in collaboration with partners in Greenland, The Faroe Islands, Iceland and the Baltic countries.